• We are thinking of renovating our home. Where do we start?

    It is always difficult to decide which way to go with your renovations, especially if you have never renovated before. Expert advice from the outset can put you in good stead.

    You can make an appointment with Luke Constructions to come out and have a look at your current home. We can inform you what can and can’t be achieved based on your budget, which walls are supporting walls etc. Richard consults with many of his clients at this early stage.

    A designer or architect could also be of assistance drawing up concept plans for

  • Can we live in our home during the construction works?

    As each renovation project is different, it is difficult to say if you would be able to live through your renovations due to the extent of the works.

    Many of our clients stay in the home during their renovations and we make them as comfortable as possible during the process. We can set up temporary walls to contain dust and debris, construct a temporary kitchen or bathroom, put pet fences in place and do whatever else is required at the time.

    Bear in mind that being surrounded with building works and noise is not for everyone, so make sure you do what is right for you and your family.

  • How much will the works cost and how long will it take?

    Each project Luke Constructions undertakes is unique. Once your plans have been drawn up, we will provide a quote for the works according to the site specifications. We will also be able to inform you how long the works will take.

    We endeavour to complete the works on schedule to allow our clients to enjoy their new home as soon as possible.

  • Will our plans need to be approved by Council?

    Sometimes a council approved Development Application (DA) is not necessary and the simplified process of a Construction Development Certificate (CDC) is adequate. The Certifier will be able to determine this from your accurate drawings as each renovation project is unique.

    Refer to our Building Process for more information.

    The CDC process bypasses Council altogether and is a combined planning and construction approval process that meet predetermined guidelines.

  • Which type of contract should we use for the building works?

    Whether you decide to use a Fixed Price (or Lump Sum) contract or a Cost Plus contract depends entirely on you and your renovation. Luke Constructions has a history of working with both types of contracts with our clients.

    In a Fixed Price contract, you know up front how much the building works to your home are going to cost. This type of contract is less flexible where changes are made to the plans, and in this instance a variation to the cost of works may need to be made. The fixed price will include an estimate for unforeseen contingencies.

    Under a Cost Plus contract, you pay the builder for the actual cost of the labour component and the materials needed to carry out the work, plus a fixed percentage margin.